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Thursday, August 5, 2010

There is so much you can learn, When you’re on a pachyderm!

Long before Max had a diagnosis of autism, I came to the realization that he was far more impulsive than other kids his age. He also has a very poor sense of danger. The idea of putting him on a carnival ride by himself, even the slowest moving of 'kiddie' rides fills me with dread. 

But Max is seven now, and he has never once tried to leave a carousel early. So yesterday at the county fair, after he picked out his elephant, I stood off to the side and watched. Just like all the other parents. 

Okay, I'll admit I was maybe a titch more nervous than the other parents. After all, I was the only one yelling, "Hold on to the bar! Hold on tight! Don't let go! Hold on!" 

Max on the other hand was blissfully relaxed and had no problem staying on the ride. In fact he took a little extra coaxing to get him OFF the his trusty mount. I think he would have happily stayed there all day if he could have.

And although he didn't tell me with words, the look on his face told me how happy and proud he was to ride by himself, without mama hovering.

He told the elephant it that it was a good elephant. A nice elephant..

I guess the lesson for me is that while Max does need extra watching over compared to many seven year olds, I still  need to pick my moments to allow him his independence and watch him shine.

He needs it, and what's more is, I need it too.

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