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Friday, September 10, 2010

You're Wrong!

Max has starting arguing with me! For instance last night we were out of lemonade, but he was convinced we had some left.

The conversation went something like this, although the "You're wrong!" part may have gone on longer than written here. It sure felt like it. ;

Max: Want lemonade.

Me: The lemonade is all gone. We have apple juice and milk.

Max: No. Lemonade.

Me: The lemonade is all gone.

Max: You're wrong!

Me: Okay, then show me the lemonade in the fridge.

Max: There!

Me: Sorry, no. That's lemon juice. You wouldn't like it. It's not sweet.

Max: Lemonade!

Me: It's lemon juice.

Max. You're wrong!

Me: No, I'm not.

Max: You're wrong!

Me: It's not lemonade.

Max: You're wrong!

Me: Read it.

Max:  Lemon Juice! oh no!

Me: How about an icee pop instead? I think we have lemon icee pop.

Max: Please, icee!

Okay, so we aren't discussing world peace, but that was a conversation, right? I mean there was real back and forth. Right? I was also impressed he didn't just cry or scream or throw himself to the ground. He was very upset, but he kept talking to me, which is pretty awesome, I think.

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