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Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've had pumpkins on the front step for a while, but yesterday I started putting out the decorations for Halloween. 

Max got so excited he ran to next door to go trick-or-treating, but thankfully he didn't get upset when I explained it wasn't Halloween just yet. He laughed in a way that seemed to say, "Oh, silly me!"

I've always loved Halloween, so I feel pretty lucky that Max loves it, too. I know that isn't always the case for kids with autism related disorders. The costumes and all the people can be pretty overwhelming. I do try to prepare him every year with Halloween videos and specials, but for the most part it's been a non-issue with him.

Max has fun, but doesn't seem to have strong opinions on costumes. This year I picked out a Starfleet uniform and he seemed happy with that when he tried it on.

I do make it a point to pick out costumes he'll both like and recognize. I also look for comfortable things that don't need a hat or a mask. If they can double as play clothes later, that's a huge bonus. 

I use similar guidelines picking out for costumes for both my sons, the only real difference being Sam can and will wear hats.

I think the part Max actually likes best about Halloween, apart from the holiday specials and songs, is trick-or-treating. Even before he had a diagnosis, I would joke that trick-or-treating was socializing at the 'speed of Max.' 

You go up to a house, you say "trick-or-treat" (or not) get something in your bag. No pressure and it's pretty straight-forward.

His three year old brother, Sammy, has strong opinions about costumes. Last he year he wanted to be a doctor AND a firefighter. He ended up being a doctor for the mall and grocery store events and a firefighter for going trick-or-treating door-to-door. 

He's already picked out a football uniform this year and I am holding firm on not getting costume. If he wants to wear his fireman costume from last year to something, that's fine, but I am not buying anything new.

The scary aspect of Halloween had Sammy a little worried, but I think he is handling it fine.

Last night he wanted to pretend we were camping in the snakey woods, so we sat on the couch  with a blanket and called it our tent.

I hooted like an owl and asked him what that was, and he said, "Don't be scared. It's just an owl." 

I growled and he said, "That's just a cat." 

This went on for a while with me doing different animal noises until I threw back my head and howled.

He patted me on the arm and said, "Don't worry, Mama. It's just a werewolf."

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