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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Tortuga Twins (& Max) Go Crazy!

Max waiting to watch The Tortuga Twins

Over the weekend we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  We all had a great time, which was not a surprise. We've been there before and always had fun. Sammy's favorite part was going on a butterfly ride. 

Max really loved the Tortuga Twins. Their act has a lot of audience participation and Max had so much fun with it. I was really impressed by his level of engagement with the show. He howled like a wolf, cheered, and even yelled, "Heck, no!" on cue. For a kid with autism, I think that's pretty awesome.

During the swordfighting part he tried to rush the stage to save Scaramouche, one of the twins, but he calmed down pretty quickly when I explained they are all friends and just being silly.

Scaramouche told the other guys they better be careful or his little bodyguard would get them. Afterward he thanked Max and even recognized him the next day and thanked him again. 

Their act IS bawdy, and gets more so as the day goes on, but Max loved it so much I had to bring him back. He's still talking about it and saying, "Tortuga Twins Go Crazy!"

Thankfully he has only said, "Get naked!" a couple of times, and not at all at school. ;-)

*knock on wood* 

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